• Peltor Rally Wireless headset kit

  • HME Bluetooth Crane comms kit

  • Motorola GP340 Walkies x 6


  • Black-Tek 1.6m Motorised Tower - more info

  • Black-Tek Camera door/bonnet/other rig - more info

  • Black-Tek suction mount rig kit - more info

  • Black-Tek wheels simulator for operators to practice with - more info

  • Black-Tek Vertical isolator - super lightweight - mechanical - more info

  • GFM Vertical vibration mini isolator - mechanical - more info

  • Horizontal Vibration Isolator - mechanical - more info

  • Cine Flow Dual/Single Black Arm - more info

  • Zero Rain Deflectors - 6”x6” & PV filter tray built in and modified to accept most lenses even up to a 12mm master prime - more info

  • Ronford Baker rotating offset

  • Ronford Baker 3way leveler

  • Ronford Baker Moy to 48mm tube brackets

  • Ronford Baker Bowl adapters & bowl size reducers

  • Walter Klassen Steadicam vehicle mount kit - more info


  • Semote - remote control all functionality (ISO, shutter speed, frame rate, resolution, codec, internal ND, colour temperature etc) of Arri & RED cameras including start/stop record brain - more info

  • RT Motion - 3 axis comprehensive Lens Control System - more info

  • Cinegear - Single channel lightweight Lens Control System with Espresso micro controller - more info

  • 17” 3G TV Logic Monitor - more info

  • 13” 1303HDR SmallHD Monitor - more info

  • 7” 703HDR SmallHD Monitor - more info

  • 9” Atomos Inferno Shoguns Monitor - more info



  • Standard Jimmy Jib with lengths available from 6ft reach to 40ft reach and standard 2 or 3 axis remote head - more info

  • Modified Jimmy Jib Camera crane to be able to to take and remote head package up to 25kg depending on length - more info

  • 3 x JD Pro Dolly Bases for above to enable roll and off track with out having to de-rig, also have an oversized off road wheel option for location work - more info

  • 60ft of Precision Moy Track for above

  • 40ft of lightweight Jib Track

  • Pags & Wedges, 2,4,6s, Tracking boards, fill in boards etc