The Russian Arm is an extremely capable and impressive gyrostabilised crane. The Russian Arm has been attached to many vehicles (cars, lorries, ATVs, boats, trains) since release, but couple it to the mighty Ford F150 Raptor or a Mercedes ML63 AMG as Bickers Action have, complemented with the ever impressive Gyrostabilised Filmotechnic Flight Head series, and you have one of the most impressive filming tools on the planet. I am fortunate to have a close working relationship with the owner of the company and am particularly privileged to be one of only a few teams trained to operate the Russian Arm. To date, it is by far my favourite piece of equipment to operate. Some of the footage we (it really does take the whole team to make it happen) have shot is some of the best camera tracking I've ever produced. As with every piece of equipment it isn't suited to every job, but placed in the right environment, with a willing Director and with the best team at the helm, it is breathtaking.