GODZILLA!, this Nissan GTR high speed tracking car has to be one of the most impressive, and very possibly the fastest, camera tracking vehicle in the UK and Europe. I have been fortunate enough to have known and worked alongside its owner Mauro, of Automotive Exposure, for a long time. Together we have achieved some fantastic shots over the years, on programs including Amazons ‘The Grand Tour’, BBCs Top Gear as well as on feature films and commercials around the world. I was very proud and excited when he announced the build of this vehicle and asked me to be an integral part of its creation and development. In just a short time we have filmed super stable shots at focal lengths up to 240mm at speeds over 130mph. This is thanks to the combined knowledge and the invaluable input and support from a close circle of professional crews we regularly work with, not least the remote head technicians and fellow precision/racing drivers. With more development under way and future investment, this vehicle is destined to deliver shots unlike anything yet filmed.

For more information, quotes and to discuss your filming requirements, please contact me or Mauro at Automotive Exposure